I currently offer therapy online, or at my office at 8419 S Cottage Grove Ave in Chicago's Auburn Gresham neighborhood.

Because I know that transportation to and from appointments can be difficult, I also offer teletherapy through a secure website. If you are interested in taking advantage of that offering we can further discuss details.

No matter what option you prefer, the first step in getting started is to schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation. During that call, I can answer any questions you have, and get an idea of how I can support you. And you can decide if you feel it would be a good fit.  Also, take a look at my Welcome Packet for more information about how I work.

Step two is to meet for a 50 minute session. This will either be online or at my office, located at 25 West Washington St, in Chicago's Loop, right near Millenium Park. We will agree on a time for that first appointment during the consultation phone call.

The last step is to walk into my office (or virtual office)! Treatment is typically weekly, for about 3-6 months, during which time we will discuss your unique stressors and how you can incorporate some new habits to reduce your anxiety.

Some frequently asked questions and their answers:

How often will we meet? We will meet weekly, for 50 minutes. If your specific situation calls for adjustments to that sort of schedule, we can discuss your particular needs.

How long do sessions last? 50 minutes.

Can I use insurance? At this time, I can accept Blue Cross, Blue Shield PPO and Cigna. I also accept various Medicaid plans: Harmony, Meridian and CountyCare. I can also help you work with your insurance company if you have out of network benefits, by supplying a detailed invoice. 

Can I bring other people into session with me? It may prove beneficial for you to involve other people in your experience, and we can discuss this as it pertains to your unique situation. 

What if I have to pay out of pocket? My out of pocket rate is $125 per hour. I take payment before each session, and can accept cash, check or credit card payments.