Light yourself up on New Years

I saw a candle this year that says, “Never Change.” I think it’s supposed to be inspiring, because it’s done in that chalkboard font that is always used for inspirational things. Also, it’s on a candle, and I’m pretty sure that any phrase on a candle is meant to inspire.

But a candle that says “never change" makes no damn sense. A candle changes when it does the thing it’s meant to do. When it’s lit, it melts. It releases its fragrance. It burns as it becomes the thing it was created for. 

Never Change.png

For a candle to live its best life, it needs to get lit. It needs to let go of the candle it was, the perfect, unblemished surface, shiny with possibility; the white wick, untouched by flame. It needs to surrender to chaos, not knowing how the wax will drip or in which direction the flame will lean. The only thing it can count on is that it is changing, because that is what it was made to do. Stagnancy does not suit a candle. Unlit candles collect dust and do not look nice (I speak from my own interior design experience here). 

We are on the edge of a new year. Are you creating resolutions? How do you imagine you will change this year? Will you light your flame and allow the unknown forces to shape you as your release your light into the world? What are you willing to let go of as you embrace the unknown?