New research on sleeplessness and anxiety may surprise you...

Insomnia can lead to all kinds of problems. And here’s the newest research: according to this article from popular science, the brain looks the same after a sleepless night as it does when experiencing anxiety. The study showed that regions of the brain that are associated with emotional distress are much more easily activated after a sleepless night.

What does this mean? It means that if you are already sensitive to feelings of anxiety, then getting a full night’s sleep may make a huge difference for you

But wait. Let’s get real about this, because UGH what the hell?? Anxiety makes it harder to sleep, and the less sleep you get, the more anxious (or distressed) you are going to feel. Can we say vicious cycle? Totally unfair. 

No anxiety here!

No anxiety here!

The good news is that you absolutely can break this cycle, and it’s not with a pill you need to get from your doctor or some other dangerous additive. Even better, the same skills you need in order to tame anxiety will also help you get sleep at night. Two birds, one stone. So, I’ve put together a Sleep Well Starter Kit to get you started on your journey to bedtime bliss. The information focuses on learning the skills necessary to quiet your mind so that you can rest, along with general information about creating good sleep habits. You’ll also get a bedtime meditation. To access this curated information about sleep, just CLICK HERE to sign up for my email list. Not ready to commit to the email list? That’s ok, just sleep on it ;-)