You deserve solutions that work.

Whenever I hear women dismiss their despair as "first world problems," I cringe inside. Let's think about this. What other kind of problems are you supposed to be having? You live your first world life, you're going to have first world problems. You don't need to be starving or dying to need help. And, you're going to be much better at helping those who actually are starving or dying after you've gotten your own problems in check.


The thing is, the best way to address these first world problems is to accept them as first world problems. They won't be solved by greater access to clean water or nutritious food. You already have all that. Instead, they require you to tap into your inner resources. 

How? Turn your thinking around. Dump it all out, all your thinking, just toss it all on the table and take a look at it. Empty out your mental purse so you can get a good look at what you've been toting around with you. Then, just like you do with your purse contents, take a look at what you've got. Look at the thoughts, one by one, and ask yourself if it's a thought that keeps you on your chosen life path. If it's not, don't put it back in your purse.   

Sound too easy? True, changing your emotional trajectory is not as easy as cleaning out your purse (though a good purse purge is a pretty awesome start, am i right?). It takes work, and you may find you need a guide. Just know that your problems are real, and the solutions are available.